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We understand the nature of competition in todays’ world is nothing short of cut-throat and the rapidly changing pace of innovation means business must structure their strategies so they are both ready to adapt for future while standing out over their competitors. One sure fire solution is to create a great online presence.

With over five years of active participation as a software developer and having successfully delivered a significant number of projects for enterprises around Australia, Genius IT Solutions has positioned itself as a veritable software development company in the country.With bespoke software that accurately reflects the philosophy and strategies of your business we can elevate your online presence to a level never been possible before. Our solutions will give your business the impact and the power to achieve your goals, in the most dramatic way!


Our Process:


Our Process is universal, straightforward and time- tested. This means it is flexible enough to adapt to change of future technology or developer.

Identification of needs
To start off, we will work with you to identify your needs by gaining some insight on your business philosophies, present circumstance and your future. This way we can build a reasonable picture of your business environment and its ecosystem as a foundation for the software to be developed.

Research Technology Options
The next step involves in identifying the ideal technology for your circumstance and needs. We will identify a range of the suitable and alternative technologies that are robust in nature and cutting edge in currency. The solution could be a combination of many different features that are most appropriate for your business’s context, so the outcome is of the highest quality while being adaptable and technologically innovative.

Decide on the ideal solution
We will identify a reasonable number of potential solutions and will discuss with you to decide on the one that you want us to build. This way will ensure you are aware that your expectations are covered and that you are part of the process.

Build the Software
We have assembled a team of the highly skilled professional developers who will build the software based on your needs that we have established in the process. The team has an excellent track record as software developers and as the work samples on our site indicate, their work is highly impactful. Having our own in-house developers means we can guarantee an ethical and original work that is free of any copyright infringement issues that has plagued many competitors out there.

Our In-house Technical patents
We have developed and patented our own software solutions in certain technological areas, which allows us to license certain software functionality. We can also take your company through this process for new software innovations that you may wish to protect commercially.

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