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Unlike online sites of the past, today’s web sites must be designed to impeccably work on the whole array of devices including tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops and other portable displays without any limitation to all available features. The site must also work seamlessly on devices with multiple screen sizes and be adaptable to potential future display technologies.

By employing a proven and robust CMS (Content Management System) technology we can design sites that inherently adjust to all different sizes without the hassle of human input.

Our Process

The process that we follow to build the system is a meticulous path from inception to delivery as outlined below:

The Design Brief:
In this stage we develop a scope of the work by discussing and sounding out client’s preferences including layout, colours, fonts etc.

We conduct research focused on the industry itself, on its history, and on its competitors.

We conduct research into designs that have been successful and current styles and trends in relation to the design brief.

Mock up:
We develop the design concept (s) around the brief and research findings.

We set millstones to pause through the design process to take stock of our progress. This lets our ideas mature and allow any correction before we move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

In this final step, we then present the client with the design concept(s).

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