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Web content is at the core of the web site’s success:  the quality and presentation of content can make or break the business.  Content writing takes on different shapes and forms depending on the scope, nature and the intent of the business and its intended users.

Therefore, a well-crafted content is vital for the success of the site as a badly written site can turn off visitors as much as the search engines.

At Genius IT Solutions, we have professional content writers who make light work of every challenging website content our client demand from us.

Our style of writing is intuitive and easy to read so no information goes unnoticed. By using a mix of different digital media we create contents that are rich on information and deep on impact while being search engine friendly. A site that is optimized for search engine ranks near the top of search results when a user looks up information related to your site. This leads to increased traffic and subsequent business transaction.

 Our content writing strategy entails close interaction with your business so only genuine and correct information is presented on the site.

Our services include:

Website content:
Very readable and impactful, keyword-rich direct-response text that is attention-grabbing to improve your sales and conversions.

SEO articles:
Fitting keyword-rich text for blogs to draw traffic in to your site and enrich your individuality.

Landing pages:
Words crafted for maximum impact and instantly persuade people to pay you top dollar for your product or service.

Email newsletters and promotions:
Brilliantly worded Emails that motivate your prospects to act.

Press releases:
Newsworthy information that is well crafted in a journalistic style to appeal to news media.

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